Friday, February 22, 2008

I guess I should opinion on Something

this being my own personal soapbox and all. How about some politics? Lesse...I feel the United States is ridiculously behind the "times" in regards to having a non-white or female head of state. History shows clearly that menstruation doesn't affect leadership skills and both good and bad leaders come in all shapes, sizes and ethnicities. That being said, I simply won't vote for Hillary Clinton for these reasons:
1) If she fulfilled two terms, that would mean that the same two families have been in the White House as chief executive for 28 years (excluding Bush vice presidency from 1980-1988.) I am politically uncomfortable with the presidency used as either a battleground for a family feud, or as a subtle extension of political philosophy beyond term limits (by this I mean that no matter what the stated differences are between them, the net result of either family in office has been the same, but that is another post.)
2) If Republicans ever regained control of Congress, embedded (and irrational) hatred of the person of a Clinton would leave Congress a wasteland of legislative immobility.
3) I am completely opposed to the apparent economic philosophy that the income of individuals and businesses is somehow public monies for politicians to redistribute and spend. This too is a separate blog.
I am hesitant to vote for OBama because:
1) I feel the reasons for not socializing medicine and health care FAR outweigh the reasons for doing so. There are better and more long-term ways of reducing the cost of healthcare. This is actually a strike against both Democrats.
2) I can't find as much specific information as I'd like, but no doubt this will change with time.
Does it sound like I"m leaning Republican? Yes, I suppose I am. McCain is certainly contentious, yet there is no doubt he is an experienced politician an an upstanding person. It is easier to look at his voting record and political aims than Obama (though I don't count Obama's newness as a strike against him, per se. Simply that it's harder to discern his specific political views.) Incidentally, I can't stand people accusing politicians of "flip-flopping" on the "issues." It's as if no one is allowed to change their minds in the face of changing circumstances and experiences. As if the flexibility to see new and different points of view is somehow a personal and political liability!!! I count growth in one's worldview as a tremendous strength, a sign of reasonable character and empathy. I'd rather see a person grow than see someone adhere to dogma simply for the sake of tradition or political expediency. So, McCain's growth as a person puts him in the front of the line, for all I agree and disagree with him.
Huckabee...I have had quite enough righteousness in the White House to last a lifetime, thank you. Disagree as you will, but religious people are no more protected from mistakes than anyone else and revelation is no substitute for reason when it comes to decisions of life and death and how we deal with the rest of the world. (Yes, this is yet another blog-to-be.)

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